Quem te viu, quem te vê is a samba by Chico Buarque, the brilliant brazilian songwriter who is known for his beautiful melodies, ingenious song structures and especially lyrics that are pure poetry. Think Jacques Brel in Rio.

The lyrics of this samba are about the most beautiful girl from the samba school that has turned away from samba, preferring a more "upper class" lifestyle.

"Hoje o samba saiu, procurando você..."

(Today the samba went out, looking for you...)

Here is my interpretation in an intimistic bossanova style.

I also invite you to check out a fantastic live version by the maestro himself. A crowd that seems full of beautiful women goes completely crazy over a song brought by an older man that hardly moves. It comes all from the music and the lyrics. Eat that, Tomorrowland!

This is also Brazil, and it is the Brazil I love.